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When do tickets go on sale?
Ticket pre-sales for FUMGASS Members begin Monday, October 21st.   Sales to the general public begin Monday, November 4th at noon.

I am a FUMGASS Member. How do I get my ticket priority and comp tickets?
To buy tickets, visit or call 1-800-838-3006. You will need to provide codes from the postcards you received from us. If you call, please do not just say "I am a FUMGASS Member". BrownPaperTickets manages many events and will not know what you are talking about. Instead, say that you have a code to use and give that to them. If you have misplaced your postcard, please contact David Goldberg (

I'm a new FUMGASS member/I recently changed my sponsorship level. How do I get my comp ticket code?
You will need to contact FUMGASS, as they maintain and update the list of members entitled to complimentary tickets. Currently, the "Keeper of the Rolls" is David Goldberg, who can be reached at

Where can I enter my code?
After selecting a date and clicking "Begin Order" you will be given an option to enter a discount code.

Can I get regular tickets and comp tickets in a single transaction? Can I make sure the seats are together? How?
Yes! It is possible to buy multiple kinds of tickets in a single order, but each type must be selected separately. Here's your step-by-step guide to ensuring that you get all the tickets you want, at the
prices you want, for the seats you want:

1.    Begin at . Choose the date you wish to attend, and click the orange "Begin Order" button.
2.    Select the numbers/types of tickets you wish to purchase. (If it's still a pre-sale period, you will need to first enter a code and click "Show Additional Prices"). You may select tickets at multiple prices currently displaying (for example, one General Admission BLUE ticket and one Senior MAIZE ticket), but will return to this page in a few minutes to add complimentary tickets. Click “Next.”
3.    If you wish to select seats for these tickets, you may do so at this stage by clicking “Select Specific Seats” at the bottom of the page.  Otherwise, BrownPaperTickets will select the best available grouping.    Please see our dynamic pricing chart to assist you in selecting your tickets.    Click “Next.”
4.    You should have now reached a page titled "Tickets in your cart."  To add tickets at a different price, simply click "Edit.”
5.    Time to add comp tickets! Once you've clicked “Edit” on the cart page, you will be taken back to the screen where you can enter your complimentary ticket code, and select the appropriate number of seats. You will see that the tickets you selected before are listed and will have a drop-down menu in case you want to change them at this point. You also may notice a timer at the top of the screen, indicating that the tickets you already added to your order are being held for a total of 15 minutes. Click "Next."
6.    You again have the option to select specific seats for all of the tickets on your order (although the complimentary tickets will be on a separate map of the theater from the purchased tickets, so double check that your seats really are together). When you are finished, click "Next."
7.    All done! The "Tickets in Your Cart" screen should display all your tickets, at every price level, and you still have the option to go back and change any of them until you click "Check Out" and process your order.
Is there a discount for groups?
Yes! We have a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. The discount code is "YEOMENGROUP" and should be entered when you begin your ticket order. You can then purchase any mix of regular, senior, or student tickets at 10% discount.

Is handicap-accessible seating available at Mendelssohn Theatre?
Yes! The seats are listed as “Wheelchair Accessible” on the seating chart. They are located in the last row of the main floor of the theater. When you arrive at the theater, ushers will be available to guide you to the handicapped seating.

What does row "MAIZE D" or "BLUE P" or "BLUE W" mean?
The first letter string stands for what section of the theater the seat is in: MAIZE for the premier seats, BLUE for all other seats.  Seats in BLUE W are Wheelchair Accessible (located at the rear of the main floor). The second letter indicates a row within that section: MAIZE B is row B of the MAIZE Section, BLUE P is in row P of the Blue Section.  For help in determining your seat, please refer to the seating chart.  

Can I have tickets mailed to me? Is there a Will Call?
When you check out at BrownPaperTickets, you will be given the choice between Mailed tickets, Print at Home tickets, or Will Call.  Regular USPS First Class mailing is free; rush delivery is available at an extra charge. When it gets too close to the date of the performance, only Will Call and Print at Home will be available. BrownPaperTickets gives the option of putting a different name on tickets than the credit card name. For simplicity's sake, we highly recommend that you only use multiple names if you are arriving in two or more separate parties but ordering tickets together.

Can I buy tickets at the door? Will there still be a service fee?
Tickets will be available at the door.  All credit card transactions at the door will have the same service fees as online transactions placed in advance, cash sales will have no fee.

What's the deal with this BrownPaperTicket thing? What are the fees for?
BrownPaperTickets is a Not-Just-For-Profit ticket agency based in Seattle. They donate 5% of their profit to charitable organizations involved with human rights, children, animals, and the environment— and you even get to select a category of charities at the end of every transaction. They have lower fees than any other ticket agency we're aware of, and are available 24 hours a day at their toll free number, 1-800-838-3006, or at After a lot of deliberation in Fall 2009, UMGASS decided that their services worked best for us, our audience, and our community.

I still have more questions. Who can I contact for additional help?
You can contact UMGASS directly with any questions you may have. Our phone number is 734-647- 8436 and our e-mail is You are welcome to leave a voicemail at any time and a representative from the Executive Board will return your call as soon as possible. Please attempt to reach UMGASS before contacting BPT with any issues - we will be able to give you more information and help you directly.


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