• Caitlin-UMGASS Secretary

Announcing the new UMGASS board!

Hello everyone, We hope you are all doing well! Yesterday we held our UMGASS board elections and now it is our pleasure to announce the new University of Michigan Gilbert and Sullivan Society 2020-2021 board!

  • President: Anastasia Koorn

  • Vice President: Mackenzie Granata

  • Treasurer: Stephan Lemmer

  • Secretary: Amy Stilgenbauer

  • Ticket manager: Heather Nordenbrock

  • Program Editor: Audrey Ulsh

  • Company Promoter: Could be you!

  • Auxiliary Member: Beth Ballbach

  • Auxiliary Member: David Andrews

  • Auxiliary Member: Lee Vahlsing

Congratulations to all the new and returning members! We look forward to an amazing year with you! Email us if you are interested in the still open Company Promoter position.

The new board takes effect on May 9.

In addition to electing board members, the two constitutional amendments were passed. Our updated Constitution and Bylaws are attached.

Thanks all and be well,


"Lame Duck" UMGASS Secretary

The 2019 - 2020 UMGASS Board thanks you for a wonderful year!

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