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Iolanthe - 2012

Dec 6-9 (Th-F-Sa*-Su) 2012

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

Artistic Director: Robyn Tierney

Music Director: Matt Balmer

Further Information needs to be located. Contact if you have the missing records.

The Lord Chancellor: Don Regan

George, Earl of Mountararat: William Babbit

Thomas, Earl Tolloller: Jon Roselle

Private Willis: Jeremy Williams (Phil Rhodes on Sunday)

Strephon: Josh Glassman

Queen of the Fairies: Amanda O'Toole

Iolanthe: Marina Hogue (Ashley Mulcahy on Thursday evening)

Celia: Ali Kahn

Leila: Mary Claire Sullivan

Fleta: Katie Parzych

Phyllis: Alexandria Strother (Christina Swanson on Sunday)

Ladies Chorus:

Kiersten Birondo

Maia Gersten

Karen Graves

Madeleine Karpiuk

Madeline Thibault

Terry Kelly

Mens Chorus:

Alan Wineman

Gordon Barnett

Philip Rhodes

Greg Hassold

Bob Davidsow

Fred Estabrook


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