Cox and Box; Trial by Jury

July 7 - 9, 13 - 16

Tim Hoover
Mark Haviland (Cox & Box)

Cast for COX & BOX
Cox: David Andrews
Box: Mitch Gillett
Bouncer: John Kelly

The Plaintiff (Angelina): Laura Kempa
The Defendant (Edwin): Christopher Taylor
The Judge: David Andrews
The Counsel: Mitch Gillett
The Usher: John Kelly
The Forman: Jeff Spindler
The First Bridesmaid: Lori Gould

The Bridesmaids:
Jane Forman
Lori Gould
Julie Tanguay-Hoover
Amanda Steinhoff
Andrea Stokfisz

The Court Attendants (Tenors):
Gordon Barnett
David Harris
Robert Reizner

The Jury (Basses):
Mark Haviland
Thomas Reynolds
Jeff Spindler
Andrew Taylor
Jim Wessel Walker
Alan Wineman

Tim Hoover, piano

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