December 4 - 7, 2008

Mark Latham
Rikki Gimelstob and Becky Nathanson

Robin Oakapple/ Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd- Brandon Grimes
Sir Despard Murgatroyd- Nick Ward
Richard Dauntless- Andrew Coniglio
Old Adam Goodheart- Alan Wineman
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd- Tom Petiet
Rose Maybud- Ali Hodges
Mad Margaret- Claire DiVizio
Dame Hannah- Lori Gould
Zorah, a Bridesmaid - Katie Nix
Ruth, a Bridesmaid- Cat Cackett

Chorus of Bridesmaids:
Miriam Alter
Jackie Gubow
Lauren Hood
Alexandra Kahn
Karleigh Kroll
Laura Riggins

Chorus of City Slickers/Ghosts:
Ghost 1 - Perot Bissell
Ghost 2 - Jon Roselle
Ghost 3 - Alex Nichols
Ghost 4 - Dan Szekley
Tyler Devos
Alex Lagina
Greg Hassold
Ronald Perkins
Fred Estabrook

Suit of Armor: Brynn Raupagh

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All photos by Marilyn Gouin unless otherwise specified.

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