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The University of Michigan Gilbert & Sullivan Society (UMGASS) is holding auditions for Iolanthe or: The Peer and the Peri, on January 15th, 16th & 17th, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm, at the Student Theater Arts Complex (STAC), 1201 Kipke Drive, Ann Arbor (near the U-M stadium).

Walk-in auditioners will be welcome during the first two hours of each evening. However, an audition signup sheet will be available at the Mass Meeting on January 14th. The meeting will be held in the Koessler Room of the Michigan League (911 N University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109), from 7-8pm.  You may also sign up for an audition time by contacting the UMGASS Executive Board at

Iolanthe will be directed by Chuck Venditto, who has been involved with UMGASS as a performer and Props Master for many years.

Music Director for this production will be Dr. Ezra Donner, a many-time MD who most recently directed the Society’s 2023 Winter/Spring production of Patience, and the Fall production of Ruddigore.

Audition requirements are as below:

  • Prepare ~32-64 bars of a selection from musical theater, comic opera, or opera (in English), and provide a legible copy for the accompanist.

    • Those who wish to audition for a lead may choose to prepare one of the pieces listed under the heading "Optional Audition Selections" below.

    • Those who are only interested in an Ensemble position may sing something simple, such as "Happy Birthday to You" if they would find that more comfortable than preparing a complex solo.​

  • Be prepared to read from the libretto if you are interested in a speaking role

Please note:

  • Masks may be required at auditions and/or rehearsals, depending on the evolving public health situation.

  • Current plans call for all performances to be unmasked.


Rehearsal and production dates:

  • The first rehearsal will be Sunday, January 21st, from 2-5pm. Librettos will be available at this rehearsal or at STAC during the following week, for those not able to attend.

  • Rehearsals will be held 4 days per week for the first 8 weeks. 

    • Chorus rehearses Sundays 2-5 pm and Tuesdays 7-10pm at STAC. 

    • Principals rehearse Mondays and Wednesdays 7-10pm at STAC. 

    • Principals will also be called on some chorus nights if needed.

    • After 8 weeks, Chorus and Principals will be called more and more on the same nights as the songs and dialogues begin to be rehearsed in the sequence of the show.

  • Production dates are the 4th-7th of April, 2024 at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre in the Michigan League.

Answers to questions regarding the production and the audition process are available by emailing




Optional Audition Selections

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A digital copy of the full score may be found here:



Phyllis (Soprano)

    4a. “Good morrow, good lover” pp 35-36

5. “None shall part us from each other” (1st verse) pp 37-39


Iolanthe (Mezzo-Soprano/Alto)

    23. Andante non troppo lento (“He loves!”) pp 196-197


Queen of the Fairies (Mezzo-Soprano/Alto)

    15. letter D to F (“Oh! Chancellor unwary”)

18. “Oh, foolish fay” (1st verse) pp 158-160


Celia (Soprano)

1. “Tripping hither, tripping thither” letter C to D (“We are dainty little fairies”) pp 15-16


Leila (Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano)

1. “Tripping hither, tripping thither” letter E to F (“If you ask us how we live”) pp 17-18




Lord Tolloller (Tenor)

    8. “My well-loved lord and guardian dear” from As a Barcarole (“Of all the young ladies I know”) to third bar of C pp 63-65

10. “Spurn not the nobly born” (2nd verse) pp 74-76


Strephon (Baritone)

    3. “Good morrow, good mother” pp 29-30

    5. “None shall part us from each other” (2nd verse) pp 37-39


Lord Chancellor (Baritone)

    7. “The law is the true embodiment” (3rd verse) pp 60-61

    20. letter Q to end (“You’re a regular wreck, with a crick in your neck”) pp 177-180


Lord Mountararat (Baritone)

    8. “My well-loved lord and guardian dear” from pickups to D (“Though the views of the House have diverged”) to third bar of F pp 66-67

    16. “When Britain really ruled the waves” (2nd verse) pp 153-154


Private Willis (Baritone/Bass)

    14. “When all night long a chap remains” (1st verse) pp 144-146

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