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The University of Michigan Gilbert &Sullivan Society (UMGASS) is holding auditions for Ruddigore or: The Witch's Curse, on September 11th, 12th, and 13th, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm, at the Student Theater Arts Complex (STAC), 1201 Kipke Drive, Ann Arbor (near the U-M stadium).


Walk-in auditioners will be welcome during the first two hours of each evening. However, an audition signup sheet will be available at the Mass Meeting on September 10th. The meeting will be held in Room D of the Michigan League, from 7-8pm.  You may also sign up for an audition time by contacting the UMGASS Executive Board at

Ruddigore will be directed by Lee Vahlsing, who most recently directed The Gondoliers in 2017. Music Director for this production will be Ezra Donner who directed the Society’s Winter production of Patience.

Audition requirements are as below:

  • Prepare ~32-64 bars of a selection from musical theater, comic opera, or opera (in English), and provide a legible copy for the accompanist.

  • Be prepared to read from the libretto if you are interested in a speaking role.

  • Those interested in a lead role may prepare one or more musical selections from the list below. This is entirely optional. (NB: pages are from the Schirmer score):


No. 3 If somebody there chanced to be (Verse 1) pp 30-33

No. 17 Happily coupled are we pp 146-149



No. 2 Sir Rupert Murgatroyd (Recit. to end) pp 27-28

No. 26 There grew a little flower (1st verse) pp 206-208



No. 11 (Andante section, Verse 1) To a garden full of posies pp 70-71

No. 24 My eyes are fully open (Verse 2) pp 194-198



No. 1 Fair is Rose (solos) pp 18-20

No. 15 (mm. 308-314) Who is the wretch who hath betrayed thee? p 118



No. 4 I know a youth (Verse 1) pp 34-36

No. 24 My eyes are fully open pp 190-193



No. 6 I shipped, d’ye see, in a Revenue sloop (1st verse)

No. 17 Happily coupled are we pp 142-145, 149



No. 13 Oh, why am I moody and sad? (Verse 1) pp 80-82

No. 24 My eyes are fully open pp 198-202



No. 20 When the night wind howls (Verse 1) pp 167-170


No. 16 And I, who was once his valley-de-sham pp 139-141

Please note:

  • Masks may be required at auditions and rehearsals, depending on the evolving public health situation.

  • Current plans call for all performances to be unmasked.

  • Please wear a mask in the common areas of the audition locale as a courtesy to other performers. Masks will be available on-site.


Rehearsal and production dates:

  • The first rehearsal will be Sunday, September 17th, from 2-5pm. Scripts will be available at this rehearsal or at STAC during the following week, for those not able to attend.

  • Rehearsals will be held 4 days per week for the first 8 weeks. 

    • Chorus rehearses Sundays 2-5 pm and Tuesdays 7-10pm at STAC. 

    • Principals rehearse Mondays and Wednesdays 7-10pm at STAC. 

    • Principals will also be called on some chorus nights if needed.

    • After 8 weeks, Chorus and Principals will be called more and more on the same nights as the songs and dialogues begin to be rehearsed in the sequence of the show.

  • Production dates are December 7 – 10, 2023, at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre in the Michigan League.

Answers to questions regarding the production and the audition process are available by emailing




Additional Information

Character Descriptions:

Robin Oakapple

Disguised bearer of the witch’s curse;  In love with Rose Maybud, but much too shy to tell her. 
Baritone:  low B flat (A if possible) to E above middle C

Richard Dauntless

Robin’s foster brother just returned from 10 years at sea in the Navy; Womanizer very full of himself. 

Tenor: up to high B flat

Sir Despard Murgatroyd 

Robin’s younger brother: thinks Robin is dead; current bearer of the witch’s curse so is committing daily crimes; a bit twisted as a result. 

Baritone: low A to E above middle C

Old Adam Goodheart

Robin’s faithful servant; loyal, deferent, but grumbly.

Bass: low E flat (below the bass stave) to D above middle C

Sir Roderic Murgatroyd

Robin’s uncle, but now a ghost; once in love with Dame Hannah; Dignified, scary, but can show tenderness.

Baritone/Bass-Baritone: low A flat  to D above middle C.

Rose Maybud

Pretty orphan raised by Dame Hannah.; Loves Robin but is too prim and proper to tell him.

Lyric soprano:2 octaves to top B flat

Mad Margaret

Deranged young lady in love with Sir Despard; Loses control occasionally; sweet but nutty.

Mezzo: low A to F above middle C

Dame Hannah

Raised Rose Maybud; Was in love with Sir Roderic until she learned of the witch’s curse; A bit gruff, but can show tenderness.

Mezzo/Contralto, low A flat to E above middle C


In-charge leader of the professional bride’s maids; gets the job done. 

Soprano: with an easy G



professional bridesmaid;  vivacious. A little whiny, No solo singing lines.


Men's chorus

Act 1 – Bored City boys having a romp in the fishing village; rather full of themselves, but good natured.

Act 2 – The ghosts of past Murgatroyds who bore the witch’s curse; Come down from their portraits to torture Robin; scary but funny.

Women’s chorus 

Professional bridesmaids eager for a wedding.  Vivacious but disciplined under Zorah’s supervision

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