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Tickets for Pirates of Penzance

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In a coastal town with a corps of professional bridesmaids, the question on everyone's minds is, "who will marry Rose Maybud?"


She has secret feelings for Robin Oakapple, who loves her in return. But alas, in addition to his love, he has a dark past that he's been hiding for many years.

When Robin's foster brother Richard returns to town, chaos ensues, as identities are uncovered, curses are revealed, and ghosts of the past come to haunt the living. 

This comic opera is a farcical take on the melodramas of the late 19th Century. Full of bright music and oversized personalities, it's sure to entertain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

​​What COVID-19 precautions are in place?

UMGASS wants to not only put on a beautiful production, but also a safe one. To accomplish that goal, here is what you need to know:


  • Tickets will be general admission with no assigned seating. This way the ushers can seat your party in accordance with social distancing measures. Please arrive at the theatre with ample time to get your desired seat.

  • Masks should be worn at all times while in the building.

  • You may be asked at the door to show results of a responsiblue screening. You can use the app or QR code at the door or fill out the questionaire in advance and bring a printed copy with you


Is there a discount for groups?

Yes! We have a 10% discount for groups of 10 or more. The discount code is "PINAFOREGROUP" and should be entered when you begin your ticket order.


Is handicap-accessible seating available at Mendelssohn Theatre?

Yes! The seats are listed as “Wheelchair Accessible” on the seating chart. They are located in the last row of the main floor of the theater. When you arrive at the theater, ushers will be available to guide you to the handicapped seating.

I still have more questions. Who can I contact for additional help?

If you have questions with the ticket ordering process, we recommend you first contact the Michigan Union Ticket Office (MUTO). Their phone number is (734) 763-8587 and their email is

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