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Artistic Director: Elizabeth Mitchell

Music Director: Jordan McKay

Stage Manager: Lindsey Brown

Choreography: Elizabeth Eachus

Technical Directors: Jeff Spindler & Dave Hettmer

Set Designer: Laura Strowe

Costume Designer: Marilyn Gouin

Fall 2021: H.M.S. Pinafore

December 2-5, 2021

Josephine Corcoran: Catherine Moss
Ralph Rackstraw: Mario Melone
Captain Corcoran: Richard Harper
Little Buttercup: Leslie Ann Naeve
Sir Joseph Porter: Lee Vahlsing
Dick Deadeye: Drake Meadow
Cousin Hebe: Caitlin Glimco
Boatswain's Mate: Tommy Patrick Ryan
Carpenter's Mate: Greg Jensen
Midshipmite: Alexis Pratt*
Relatives Chorus
Anne-Marie Atanga*
Beth Ballbach*
Rebecca Clark*
Heather Nordenbrock
Marisa Redding
Stephanie VanAlstine
Grace Walsh
Sailors Chorus
Oden Berthelsen*
Doug Burgoyne*
Greg Hassold
Camden Markel
Daniel Peisach
 * Indicates Featured Dancers

Ann Arbor, MI | | (734) 647-8436

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All photos by Marilyn Gouin unless otherwise specified.

Thanks, Marilyn!

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