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Engaged - 2002

June 21 - 23, 27 - 30, 2002

Macintosh Theatre, Music School

Artistic Director: Peter Christian

Assistant Director, Joe Russo

Set Designers, Cynthia Lempert & Laura Strowe

Costume Designers, Marilyn Gouin & Tam Prentice

Prop Managers, Marilyn Gouin & Tam Prentice

Tech Director, Jeff Spindler

Lighting Designer, David Pickell

Sound Designer, David Pickell

Graphic Designer, David Zinn

Make-up Designer, David Zinn

Stage Manager, Allison Frame

Ticket Manager, Laura Christian

Program Editor, James Allen

House Manager, Dan Florip

Publicity, Dan Florip & Matt Grace

Tart Wrangler, Rob Stow

Scenery Painter/Carpenter, Maudrene Tan

Videographer, Karl Zinn

Cheviot Hill, Ted McGuinness

Belvawney, Paul Trani

Miss Treherne, Amy Caldwell

Minnie, Leigh Feldpausch

Symperson, John Kelly

Angus, Jesse Sielaff

Maggie, Molly Kennedy

Mrs. Macfarlane, Lori Gould

Parker, Kaarina Quinnell

McGillicuddy, Mark Haviland


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