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Iolanthe - Winter 2024


The Lord Chancellor: Matthew D. Grace

Lord Mountararat: Jason Smith

Lord Tolloller: Richard Harper

Private Willis (Of the Grenadier Guards): Richard Knapp

Strephon (An Arcadian Shepherd): Aidan Davis

Phyllis (An Arcadian Shepherdess and Ward in Chancery): Eleanor Steinmetz

Queen of the Fairies: Heather Heidemann Nordenbrock

Iolanthe (A Fairy, Strephon’s Mother): Beth Shippey Ballbach

Celia (A Fairy): Lilya Heidelbaugh

Leila (A Fairy): Alice Collins-Thompson

Fleta (A Fairy): Laura Hassold Prévot

Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts and Barons

Fred Estabrook, Drake Meadow, Daniel Peisach, Rory Scott, Harlowe Shannon

Chorus of Fairies

Christina Certo, Katherine Hunt, Faye Johnson, Rosie Pahl Donaldson

Production Staff

Artistic Director: Chuck Venditto

Music Director: Ezra Donner

Assistant Music Director: Eleanor Steinmetz

Choreographer: Laura Hassold Prévot

Stage Manager: Lori Gould

Backstage help: Jeff Spindler, David Pickell, Brynn Raupagh

Costume Committee: Beth Shippey Ballbach, Heather Nordenbrock, Marilyn Gouin,

Richard Harper, Laura Hassold Prévot, Brynn Raupagh

Costume crew: Alice Collins-Thompson, Lilya Heidelbaugh, Faye Johnson

Props: Lori Gould

Props Crew: Lilya Heidelbaugh, Alice Collins-Thompson, Marilyn Gouin, Faye Johnson,

Jason Smith

Hair and Makeup Design: Troy Girard

Hair and Makeup Assistant: RichardHarper

Set Designer: Laura Strowe

Assistant Set-Designers: Cynthia Lempert and Elizabeth Estabrook

Assistant Painter: Marcy Gray

Technical Director: John Ward

Assistant Technical Directors: Jeremy Green, Dave Steiner, Tom Bray and David Pickell

Tech Week Set Crew: Jeff Spindler, Aidan Davis

Lighting Designer: Brian Koepele

Lighting Assistant: Sarita Gankin

Supertitle Operator: Colby Nordenbrock

Videographer/Live Stream Designer: Greg Jensen

Videography Assistant: Lili Omilian

STAC Manager: Mark Haviland

Supertitle Designer: John Ward

Graphic Design: Katherine Hunt

Program Layout: Daniel Peisach

Program Editor: David Goldberg

Photographer: Marilyn Gouin

Orchestra members:

Violin: Ayaka Yajima,Beth Halt,Fran Wakefield, Anne Hendrikx, Mary Lou Auchus

Viola: Stephen Moss, Sonya Lewis

Cello: Alejandro Uribe-Ahumada, Olive Dyer

Double Bass: Zachary Johnson

Flute: Katie Kazakos, Ellen Guise

Piccolo: Ellen Guise

Oboe: JuleenAmbrose

Clarinet: Bethany Beekly, Alexis Johnson

Bassoon: Philip Barrison

French Horn: David Goldberg, Edward Norton

Trumpet: David Jenvey, Phillip Rhodes

Trombone: Anthony Pinnell, David Rega

Percussion: Ted Mueller

Full Program:

Iolanthe program final-compressed
Download PDF • 1.56MB


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