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The Sorcerer & Trial by Jury- 1957

November 21 - 23; December 7, 1957

Lydia Mendelssohn Theater

Rackham Auditorium (December 7)

Artistic Director: Clarence (Dude) Stephenson

Music Director: Robert Brandzel

Production Coordinator

Priscilla Montgomery

Technical Manager

John (Pat) Montgomery

Set Designer

Lenore Davis


Marshal Kievit

Costume Designer

Albert Senter


Carole Portney, Chmn.

Patrick Smith, Chmn.


Harriett Gluckstern, Chmn.

Orchestra Manager

David Dow

Asst. Orchestra Manager

Chris Jacobson

Publicity Secretary

Robert Schulz


Mona Morningstar

Rehearsal Accompanists

Jane Hirschmann

Cynthia Conway

Judy Dickstein


Ann Polak, Chmn.

Rehearsal Photo - Fred Shippey


The Learned Judge: Gershom Morningstar

The Plaintiff: Charlotte Schuster

The Defendant: Griffin Griffin

Counsel for the Plaintiff: John Vavroch

Usher: Robert Denison

Foreman of the Jury: George Finkel


Cynthia Conway

Sylvia Obert

Catherine Quick

Sally Stockwell

The Jury

Peter Cartwright

Paul Cohn

Gene Correll

James Currie

George Finkel

William Horner