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Utopia, Limited - 1981

December 9 - 12, 1981

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

Artistic Director: Terry Mathies

Music Directors: David Pollitt

Head of design: Steven R.Krahnke

Costume designer: Terry Matthies

Lighting designer: Gary Smith

Conductor: David Pollitt

Ass.directors: Heather Braithwaite & Bob Pazur

Musical consultant: Marc Shepherd

Technical Director and Properties: Steven R. Krahnke

Stage Manager: Jane D. McLeod

Poster Design: Julie Tanguay

Make-up Design: Denise Kowalewski

Wardrobe Mistress: Mary Ellen Fields

Promotion: April Oja

Assistant Stage Manager: Margaret Dopp

Photography: Bill Harder

Head Usher: Andrea Leibson-Chyette

Tickets: Tracy Holland

Curator of Costumes: Timothy Locker

Archivist: Gloria Bennish

Activities: Steve Field

Box Office: Winthrop Cashdollar

Rag Dragger: Bill Dynes

Procurer of the Poppies: Fred Rico

Cast Charm School Director: Sir Bolivar Kegnastie


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