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HMS Pinafore - Winter 2020

Director - Makoto Takata

Assistant Director - Alexandra Duncan

Music Director - Ezra Donner

Unfortunately this production would not see the stage due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Announcement from March 14, 2020

Sir Joseph Porter- Lee Vahlsing

Captain Corcoran- David Andrews

Ralph Rackstraw- Adam Chase

Dick Deadeye- Don Regan

Josephine - Alexis Pratt

Little Buttercup- Heather Nordenbrock

Crew of the H.M.S Pinafore

Boatswain- Tommy Patrick Ryan

Carpenter- Greg Jensen

Stephan Lemmer, Stephen Moss, Doug Burgoyne, Cristina Tamer, Alex Harris, Bob Davidow

Sir Joseph's Relations

Cousin Hebe- Stephanie Miller-Allen

Beth Shippey Ballbach, Maggi Rohde, Audrey Ulsh, Gosia Tska, Amy Stilgenbauer, Nic Idzikowski, Brynn Raupagh, Caitlin Glimco, Annelise Comai

Cast of Pretty Polly

Cristina Tamer

Audrey Ulsh


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