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The Gondoliers - 1993

April 15 - 18, 1993

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

Artistic Director: Mary Locker

Music Director: Jean Ronald LaFond

Choreographer: Mary Locker

Asst. music director: Claire Levacher

Set designer: Scott DeChant

Lighting designer: Therle Dregansky III

Stage manager: Amanda Flies

Asst. stage manager: Lynn Anslow

Accompanist: Andrew Anderson

Choreographer: Diana Hunt

Costume designer: Sandra K.Wiley

Properties manager: Michael Ward

Technical director: Alex Williams

Makeup: Mitch Gillett

Graphics: David Zinn

Assistant Stage Manager: Lynn Anslow

Makeup: Mitch Gillett

Pigeon Wrangler: Fred Rico

Master Carpenter: Jim Barnes

Enunciator: Sir Bolivar Kegnastie

Head Usher: Claire Schwartz

Photography: Bill Harder, Holly Ackerman, Doreen Jessen, David Zinn

Videography: Karl Zinn

Poster/T-shirt Design: David Zinn

Assistant Pish: David Zinn

Assistant Tush: Beth Shippey

Ticket Manager: Laura Christian

Fiametta: Toni Krachenberg

Francesco: David Jessen

Giulia: Laura Christian

Antonio: Phillip Rhodes

Giorgio: Alan Wineman

Vittoria: Julie Bartholomew

Marco Palmieri: Curtis Peters

Giuseppe Palmieri: David Zinn

Tessa: Liza Wirtz

Gianetta: Julie Jacobs

Duke of Plaza-Toro: Beverley Pooley

Duchess of Plaza-Toro: Linda Nadeau

Casilda: Tricia Klapthor

Luiz: Mitch Gillet

Don Alhambra del Bolero: Kevin Casey

The Scribe: John Alexander

Inez: Ginni Summers


Holly Ackerman

Kate Morris Curtin

Amanda Kalaydjian

Jessica Kaplan

Carolyn Koch

Stephanie Lanning

Marni Rachmiel

Beth Shippey

Ginni Summers

Margie Warrick


Gordon Barnett

Joshua Blunt

Peter Christian

Scott DeChant

Don Devine

Liam Hoekenga

Randy Kurstin

Jackson Morris

David Owens

Jason Smith


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