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The Mikado - 1994

April 6 - 10, 1994

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

Artistic Director: Eric Gibson

Music Director: Ben Cohen

Assistant Music Director: Brad Pfeil

Costume Designer: Cynthia Lempert

Choreography: Eric Gibson

Irish Gig in "A wand'ring minstrel, I" choreographed by Wendy Holden.

Graphic Designer: David Zinn

Lighting Designer: Peter Davis

Production Stage Manager: Alex Williams

Set Designer: Scott DeChant

Design and painting of screens: David Zinn

Technical Director: David Kennedy

Accompanists: Sean Fleming, Liz Olsen

Asst. Costume Designer: Tam Prentice

House Manager: Claire Schwartz

Assistant Lighting Designer: Jeff Dine

Photography: Bill Harder, David Zinn

Videography: Karl Zinn

Program Editor: Doreen Jessen

Publicity: Marni Rachmiel

Asst. Technical Director: Liam Hoekenga

Master Carpenter: Jim Barnes

Asst. Stage Manager: Amanda Flies

Ticket Manager: Jessica Kaplan

Nanki-Poo: Alexander Brown

Pish-Tush: Daniel Neer

Pooh-Bah: Peter-John Hedlesky

Ko-Ko: John Alexander

Yum-Yum: Kate Fitzpatrick

Peep-Bo: Suzy Fink

Pitti-Sing: Stephannie Piro

Mikado: Bev Pooley

Katisha: Linda Nadeau


Frank DeMita

Don Devine

Gene Kim

Jim Marsh

Tom McMurtrie

Jason Miller

Ed Morin

Chris Pearce

Jason Smith

John Stroeh

Stefan Treatman

Alan Wineman


Amy Anderson

Kelly Gillespie

Kathryn Hart

Jessica Kaplan

Stephanie Lanning

Carol Otto

Marni Rachmiel

Julie Reinish

Beth Shippey

Ginni Summers

Pam Vachon

Kelly Warnke


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