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The Pirates of Penzance - 2003

April 3 - 6, 2003

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

Artistic Director: David Zinn

Music Director: Rob Stow

Christopher Scheer, Assistant

Co-Set Designers

Cynthia Lempert and Laura Strowe

Co-Technical Directors

David Pickell and Jeff Spindler

Assistant Technical Director/Special Effects

David Hettmer

Costume Designe

Marilyn Gouin


Tam Prentice

Tri-Props Mistresse

Ann Zinn, Jessica Linda Doinidis,

and Megan Hiemstra

Lighting Designer

Jeff Dine

Assistant Lighting Designer

Becky Taurog

Co-Makeup Designers

Alison Lardo and Carly Peterson


Karl Zinn and David Zinn

Stage Manager

Allison Frame

Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Adams

Graphic Designer

David Zinn

Rehearsal Accompanist

Tim Hoover

Major-General Stanley

Matthew D. Grace

The Pirate King

Tom Fitzstephens