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The Pirates of Penzance - 2013

Apr 11-14 (Th-F-Sa*-Su) 2013

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre

Artistic Director: David Andrews

Music Director: Laura Swierzbin

Further Information needs to be located. Contact if you have the missing records.

Major-General Stanley: Don Regan

Pirate King: Phill Rhodes

Samuel: Kevin Harvey

Frederic: Tom Cilluffo

Sergeant of Police: Gabriel Moss

Mabel: Ali Kahn

Edith: Catherine Borland

Kate: Kiersten Birondo

Isabel: Katie Parzych

Ruth: Lori Gould


Alex Bonoff

Brodie Brockie

Lawrence Bryk

Noah Collins

Apoorv Dhir

Greg Hassold

Patrick Johnson

David Melcher

Jon Roselle

Rich Roselle


Brodie Brockie

Bob Davidow

Don Devine

Greg Hassold

David Owens

Jeff Spindler

James Wessel Walker

Alan Wineman


Beth Ballbach

Clara Ceccanti

Charlotte Darr

Ali Haas

Jenna Hane

Melissa Hartman

Allison Hawkins

Madeleine Karpiuk

Terry Kelly

Olivia Nienhouse

Eva-Maressa Rice

Dana Schlegel

Lindsey Scullen

Rena Steed

Cristina Tamer

Alexa Wutt


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